Jaguar Report

11th May 2022

TAG Investment Bankers is pleased to announce today publication of a research report into Jaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ: JAGX), which is a healthcare company listed in the USA that specialises in non- opioid gastrointestinal remedies not only for humans but also animals. Its key drugs in these two areas are Mytesi® and Canalevia® respectively. The report states that fair value for the shares is up to US$11.60, using a net present value approach, compared with yesterday's US$0.40 closing price.

Currently, Mytesi is Jaguar Health, Inc.’s (‘Jaguar’) (NASDAQ: JAGX) core growth driver and the company revealed a strong start to the current financial year in its Q1 numbers, which showed a better than market expectations 111.5% increase in net product revenue. However, there is substantially more to Jaguar than the current commercial performance of its flagship drug, Mytesi (crofelemer, a first in class anti-secretory agent).

The company’s crofelemer product pipeline, and revenue and earnings potential should all benefit from a number of significant new developments in 2022, which tend to argue for a higher valuation. Moreover, there is potential to add shareholder value through the possible receipt of a priority review voucher for the company’s lechlemer drug product candidate and from equity participation in an Italian licensee of crofelemer, Napo Therapeutics.

Mytesi appears well placed to deliver significant growth and generate substantial shareholder value in its core indication of HIV related diarrhea. The drug boasts a robust proof of concept and is poised to be a prime beneficiary of Jaguar’s three enhanced route-to-market plans for the current financial year. Moreover Mytesi, which reported a strong FY2022 Q1 sales number, was largely responsible for Jaguar beating the market’s earnings expectations in the period.


Chris Wickham
Chief Marketing Officer
TAG Investment Bankers Ltd 
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